Handling all the orders of international fulfillment is not an easy task if you do it by yourself. For this reason, a lot of eCommerce companies use third-party logistics for global fulfillment. A 3PL is a big help regardless if it offers global shipping rates, has fulfillment centers all across the world, or uses various eCommerce fulfillment companies on various continents.

Here are some reasons why you need to use fulfillment services for your international orders.

Meet Expectations Of Delivery Time

While international orders usually take a long time to reach their destination, it does not cut it by the standards of today. People will look somewhere else if you cannot deliver what they want, which is affordable, fast shipping.

International fulfillment reduces the transit time as it enables you to keep your inventory near the end consumers, thus bringing the orders to your customers faster.

Reduce Shipping Errors

If you are a growing company, handling the international fulfillment orders would be difficult to keep up with. There is a high risk of making a lot of mistakes as you are trying to keep everything as quickly as possible.

If time and resources are limited, errors can also happen. All these problems can result in dissatisfied customers and costly returns.

Keep Costs Down On Shipping

Working with a 3PL for your international eCommerce fulfillment can help save you money from shipping costs. This is because you can warehouse your inventory near your customers. So, for example, you will be able to ship items to lower zones in the United States due to the decrease in the distance that the packages travel.

Scale Operations Easier And Faster

There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on facilities and infrastructure if you are using a 3PL fulfillment solution. You can take advantage of the global fulfillment centers without the need to hire your own workforce.

Easy Inventory Tracking

When shipping from many different fulfillment centers, it is important to have the correct inventory accounting in every location. With this, you need visible inventory tracking for easy access and viewing of the stock levels. Aside from ensuring the balance of the inventory levels and managing the overall process, it is also beneficial for tax purposes.

International fulfillment comes with a few challenges, but it is quite useful for an eCommerce business. Research the regulations of every country such as the buying propensity and preferences that can affect the success of your eCommerce.