You can categorize your items by their level of difficulty during moving day. Furniture like pianos and beds are hard to pack, but they are nothing compared to a fish tank. Packing an aquarium full of fish requires a rigorous process that will take up too much time if you plan to do it on moving day itself, which means that you need to start ahead. So before hiring your moving companies in Richmond, VA, you must follow four steps to move your fish tank to your new home.

Gather Supplies and Take Out the Fishes

Before you start disassembling the fish tank, you need to prepare a temporary home for the aquatic animals. You might need supplies like a fishnet, buckets of water, and plastic bags to create a mini-fish tank. After taking out the fish, you need to gather the necessary supplies for disassembling and packing up the aquarium. You might need tools like duct tape, bubble wrap, moving boxes, and packing paper for the parts of the fish tank.

Clean the Tank

The tank requires cleaning before packing because there are numerous risks to the living organisms in the tank if not done correctly. First, you need to unplug everything to avoid electrical accidents. Then you need to take the water plants and put them in buckets of clean water to keep them alive. Decorations and accessories inside the fish tank need cleaning and drying before you put them in moving boxes. The filter, which is responsible for keeping the water clean, needs to be given extra caution. You need to seal the filter in a container.

Drain Water and Disassemble Parts

When your fish tank looks like a water container, it is time to drain it. You can use a siphon hose to transfer the water into buckets of water. You can also move the fish to the buckets of water to minimize potential health issues with the fish. You need to seal the buckets with tape to avoid spillage. After taking out the water, you need to disassemble and clean the aquarium. If your fish tank comes in one piece, you need to pack it in bubble wrap. Since the container is made of glass, you need to use insulating foam while placing it inside the moving box.

Coordinate with Movers

Moving companies in Richmond, VA, already have experience with moving fragile items to new locations. You need to coordinate with them to figure out the safest way to transport your fish and aquarium. You may choose to carry the fish tank in your vehicle. You may also allow the movers to take the aquarium if it does not fit in your car. However, it is essential to secure the safety of the fish tank before moving.

Fish tanks offer a harder challenge compared to other items during moving day. With proper preparation and planning, you can make sure that your fishes are safe while going to your new home.