Mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they’re also dangerous to our health. There are two effective ways of protecting yourself from this insect – hire the best pest control in Suffolk or grow mosquito-repelling plants. Here’s a rundown of plants that mosquitoes hate:


Basil is not only great for enhancing the flavor of your favorite dishes, but it also repels mosquitoes. The herb’s strong scent deters this pesky insect from staying in your garden or home. This herb needs minimal care, so even novice gardeners can grow them. You can also make a natural mosquito repellent out of it that’s safe for your family and won’t harm the other plants. You pick around 100 grams of basil leaves, pour ½ cup boiling water and ½ cup vodka on the leaves. Mix well and transfer to a spray bottle.


Citronella is a perennial grass known for its effectivity against mosquitoes. The plant’ strong scent masks the aroma emitted by other plants or people, thus preventing mosquitoes from honing on the smells they find attractive. Citronella’s essential oil is often used in bug sprays and candles. This plant can grow in different climates and will thrive whether it’s planted in a pot or directly in the year.


Lavender might be more known for its calming properties, but it’s also an excellent plant to have around if you want to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. Its flowery scent is something that this insect can’t stand. So, if you like to smell good and not be bothered by these bloodsuckers, dab a little lavender oil on your ankles or wrists.


The bright oranges, reds, and yellows of this annual plant is a welcome addition to any garden. Aside from adding beauty to your home, they also smell divine. Marigolds also carry Pyrethrum, a substance with a distinct smell that insects find repulsive. Plant marigolds in pots and place them at your home’s entry points, like doors and windows. Grow them next to your tomatoes, and you can be sure that bugs would stay away from your beloved toms.

The right plants and herbs can keep your home beautiful, fresh, and insect-free. But to be 100% effective, you also have to combine it with a visit from a company that specializes in pest control Suffolk.