Defensive driving is a way of driving that is safe and enables motorists to predict and address identified hazards. Defensive driving enables drivers to reduce their driving risk and be able to anticipate any forthcoming situations. A driver can drive more safely and make safe and learned decisions that are not harmful to them or pedestrians. Below are typical basics to expect from a driving school in clearwater fl.


Advantages of Defensive Driving

In some states, taking a defensive driving class means you can get up to a 10% reduction on your insurance rates. Defensive driving classes requirements vary from state to state, and others may take the classes online while others are required to take it in a classroom.


Although defensive driving courses vary from state to state, they all teach similar ideas. Below are the basics taught in most states.


The Repercussions of Traffic Crashes

Traffic crashes have tremendous effects on people physically, socially, and emotional as well. Defensive driving students are taught about these repercussions and the total cost, in dollars after these crashes. This helps students avoid such incidents and practice safe and competent driving.


 How to Handle Incidents 

Sometimes, on the road, specific incidences may be avoided if the driver knows how to manage stress. Defensive driving teaches drivers how to behave and focus while under duress. This helps drivers maintain a positive attitude and decreases the risk of harm.


Driving Under the Influence

Drivers who drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol are a significant risk to the livelihoods of passengers and pedestrians. Defensive driving emphasizes on the risk of driving under the influence and encourages them to drive on a clear mind.


Use of Safety Equipment

Defensive driving courses teach learners how to properly use safety equipment in the vehicle to avoid serious harm or death in the event of a crash.


Techniques on How to Prevent Crashes

Learners discover safe and efficient methods on how to avoid collisions by anticipating hazards and maneuvering them efficiently. Most of the information on defensive driving courses are on crash prevention techniques.

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