IFTTT (if this, then that) is a web-based service used to easily create chains of conditional statements. The chains are called applets and are triggered when changes occur on other web services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram. An IFTTT service is basically just a way to get all of your web-connected hardware devices and apps communicating with each other.

Ring, for example, is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that has an HD security camera and it compatible with IFTTT. Ring enables homeowners to conveniently monitor their home and communicate with visitors from anywhere with an internet connection. The ring is battery-operated, but it can also be hard wired into a home’s main power supply. When used with IFTTT, Ring has even more functionally. Examples of some of the things you can set up include:
– Receive an email when someone rings your doorbell.
– Start recording a video clip on a separate D-link security camera when the ring is pressed.
– Receive an SMS text message when someone rings your doorbell.
– Toggle a WeMo Light Switch on/off when motion is detected at your door.
– Pause TiVO when someone triggers the ring doorbell.

The IFTTT service is compatible with a wide range of other web-connected hardware including many home appliances, blinds, cars, lighting solutions, health and fitness equipment and much more. The Amazon Echo can also be used with the service. This means you can use your voice to control hundreds of different gadgets around your home.

Creating your own IFTTT applets is very easy. If you have never heard of the platform before, however, there are lots of great tutorials available online to help you get started. For those who don’t want to develop their own applets, there are lots of ready-made IFTTT apps available in the Google play store and in Apple’s app store.